5 Tips On Designing Logo For A Fashion Brand


When you hear the names of the popular fashion brands like Prada, Gucci, NineWest, Ted Baker, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Their products, their outlets, their prices, or their LOGOS? Yes!! Their logo is the first thing that comes to your mind. Why? Because these big fashion brands are recognized through their logos which is advertised everywhere around you, on the billboards, on social media platforms, on their cards, on their shoppers, and on their products.

The brands gain consumer recognition through their logo designs, which become imprinted in the minds of the people. If you see a woman wearing a Zara top or pant, or carrying a Zara Purse, or a man wearing Rayban sunglasses, you will instantly say that they are wearing Zara and Rayban, you will not say that a woman is wearing clothes or a man is wearing sunglasses. If you are starting your own fashion brand, then you need to follow these tips for designing a logo. You can use the services of many free logo maker online software to create the type of logo design you need. The free logo maker online offers many logo design templates which you can use to design different types of logos.


  1. Stylize Your Fonts

You are creating a logo for a fashion brand so you need to focus on the design and style of your fonts. Use a different font and vary the size of the fonts as well so that it looks unique and fashionable.

  1. Your Logo Should Be Suitable for All Platforms

Sometimes the logo design looks great on a billboard and in a bigger size but does not look clear in its miniature form. Such as visiting cards or on tags of clothes, bags or shoes. Your logo design should stand and speak for itself. It should be unique but designed in a clear and straightforward manner that it is easily understood and recognized even on the smallest of logos. You can use the free logo maker online to design logos and check it on the smallest of templates for the clarity.

  1. Your Logo Should State Your Brand

Your logo should be linked to your product or service you are offering. It should reflect the target market or the product or service the brand is offering.

  1. Should Look Good in Black and White

Although your brand should be colorful but your fashion brand logo should look equally appealing and unique even in black and white. For instance, HnM has a red color but it looks fashionable and pleasing to the eye even in black and white form and customers love a change.


The logo design should complement itself in its negative as well. If you design a picture as a logo design, then it should look attractive if its color is reversed as well.

  1. Should Be Timeless (In A Way)

Your logo design should be eternal and should be forever. It should be a timeless design that should be forever and should need no changing.


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