10 Things To Keep In Mind While Changing The Logo Design Of Business

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In this technological era where you are surrounded by a myriad of new technology, you need to be updated on everything, even your brand’s logo design. A logo design is created to affiliate a product with a brand or service, it creates a relation of brand recognition with the customer. A good logo design can make or break a business, you can create different logos for your brand or service using many free logo online software available on the internet.

If the brand logo of your business has been in the market for a long time, then its high time you need to change your logo design or update it. When you decide to change your logo design, you will have to keep these 10 things in your mind.

  1. Time Period

If it has been more than 4 to 5 years since the birth or change of your logo, then you need to create a new one to give a fresh new look to your logo. Your logo communicates with your customers and people will get bored in some time with the same logo. You will need to jazz it up a bit to make it fresh and improvised.

  1. Slight or Huge Change

You can bring a slight change in your logo just like Google, which only changes its font and size, the rest is the same. You can just give a subtle change to your logo or a huge one just like Windows. Initially, the logo was colorful with a flying window but now it’s simple and sleek.

  1. Technological Change

If your logo dates back to the 90s then it will not match with the digital technology of 2018. So you need to keep up with technology and create a new design in the digital form.

  1. Trend

You can also change the logo design according to seasonal trends. Whatever the logo trend is in vogue you can bring changes in your logo.

  1. Festivals

You can also incorporate the festivals and different seasons in your logo design. For instance, you can add something for Christmas in the Christmas season, or add a few easter eggs in the Easter festival or make your logo black at the time of Black Friday and so forth. This will continuously make your logo design more attractive to your customers and they will welcome the changes.

  1. Ask The Customers

You can also ask your customers before changing your logo design. You can create 3 to 4 slightly different logo designs using different software of free logo online and then ask your customers to choose the best one. The software of free logo online will let you practice different trial and error logo designs and you can see for yourself which one looks best.

  1. Adding A New Niche

Your logo design will need a change when you are adding a different niche or another branch. For instance, a coffee café has also started breakfast option so you will need to add that in your logo design.

  1. Affiliation

If your company is getting affiliated with another company or having a merger, then you will need to redesign your logo to portray that affiliation or merger to your customers.

  1. Color Change

If you feel that your brand is highly recognized by your customers and you have spent years and money creating that brand image, then you can also bring a fresh change to your logo by just adding a bit of color or changing the color. Just like Nike, it will never change its swoosh sign but has tweaked the swoosh design a little bit.

  1. Drawing for A Different Audience

If your brand was only targeting towards the elderly and now you have introduced something new, like catering to the younger lot as well, then your logo redesign should portray this.

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