7 Fun Ways You Can Use Your Business Logo






You have your business which is running smoothly. You also have a personalized logo for your business. Have you ever thought of using your business logo apart from your business? you might not know but there are many fun ways in which you can use your business logo.

Logo making is easier nowadays by using free logo making software which you can search by writing free logo online and you will get many results. After you have created your business logo, you can use them in some of the fun ways listed below.

  1. For Your Special Day

If you are not married and are going to get married soon, then you can use your business logo on the pack of your giveaways. Giveaways are usually treasured by the family members and the wedding attendees and you can treat them with your business logo. If you are already married, then you can do this on the birth of your child or your brother’s wedding.

  1. Business Outings

Why should all business trips be dull and boring? You can get a unique personalized logo from free logo online and get it printed on t-shirts, bands, or even caps and present it to your company members and wear it all together. Create a picnic trip or even a pool trip for extra fun.

  1. For Affiliations

If you really want your business to get affiliated with a certain company or business, then you can plan a meeting with that business CEO and gift them a wall clock or a paperweight with your business logo printed on it. Surely they will get impressed and appreciate your gesture and probably join hands with your company.

  1. Award Ceremony

You can also hold prize distributions and award ceremonies at the end of each year to celebrate and honor your employees. Yopi can give customized awards and gifts to your employees to show them an appreciation for their efforts to your business. You can give fin names to awards and present them with your business logo printed trophies, shields, pens or notebooks.

  1. Vacations

Have a fun time with your employees and plan a vacation to another country ad you can give them your business logo printed suitcases or handbags. This way your business will be promoted, your employees will feel grateful and you will have a fun time.

  1. Special Occasions

You can make your clients feel good and honoured by presenting them your customized business logo calendar, notebook, pen keychain and mug on occasions such as New Year, Christmas, Easter and other festivals of the place you live in.

  1. Personal Stuff

You can a create a unique business logo through free logo online and use it for all your personal stuff and accessories and flaunt it proudly. You can get it printed on your mug, your wall clock, your personal pen, and notebook, a wall frame, your cap or even a jacket.

These are some fun ways to use your business logo and also do marketing of your business and gain recognition form different people.


  1. https://www.logogarden.com/logo-design/6-fun-uses-logos

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