Top 10 Ideas For Creating Business Cards In 2018



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The business card is practically the first thing about your company that the people see. It is the virtual representation of your brand that people get to see even before they engage with your business. Any online free logo maker or tool will definitely give you the chance of designing your own business cards. Whilst online free logo makers are available to use end enjoy, you don’t just need to jump into designing your business cards. In fact, you should be aware of the basic rules that make any business card effective and worth it.

Golden Ideas To Follow When Designing Business Cards 2018

Looking for inspiration to design your business cards on online free logo and cards makers? Instead of looking for inspiration, look for the ideas and rules that will put you on the right track and help you design engaging & effective business cards 2018.

  1. Work on the tagline before you work on the rest of the card!

The tagline is the short line that stands out and gives a summed up meaning of your brand. Make sure you work on making it as engaging as possible.

  1. Put accurate business information in clear sight

The information that you put up on the card should be accurate. Hence, you need to double check the info you put on the business card and the alignment should be in clear sight too.

  1. Color Psychology will play its role

Colors play the most imperative role in making your card engaging and effective. Employ color psychology to make your cards bright or subtle or whatever you want them to be.

  1. Include social media referrals

Social media is the ‘it’ thing these days. Social media marketing is a crucial part of any brand. You can always include social media referrals to your social websites and pages.

  1. Keep it simple but different

Simplicity never lets you down so don’t ever doubt it too! Keep things simple but make it different by working on uniqueness.

  1. Don’t overcrowd in desperation

The card should have all important information along with graphics, images and font styles but it should never overcrowd or take over too much space.

  1. Spend money on the printing of business cards

There are DIY free online logo and card maker tools available on the web. However, it is ideal to get the cards printed professionally as DIY printing at home can never match the quality of printing business cards professionally.

  1. The first impression should match your business’s theme

When deciding on the overall theme of your business card, you need to make sure that the first impression matches aptly to your business’s theme. A fast food brand’s business card should look like a fast food brand’s card and not a gardener.

  1. Add other details on the backside of card

Most of the times the back side of the business card is left out to be blank. A great creative idea is to make it engaging and interactive. You can add business details such as holidays, sale dates or maybe get a tiny, handy calendar printed on the back.

  1. Always add graphics

When was the last time you heard that pictures speak a thousand words? Well, it is definitely true in this case because the graphics and images that you will add on the card will, in fact, be the first thing the people notice – even before they stop to read the rest of the details. So follow a simple rule when putting up a picture on the business card – make it relevant, appealing and engaging.




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