Top 10 Ideas To Design Logos

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Your brand logo is the first direct interaction that you can expect your customers to have with your products, and you need to make sure your logo does not let you down.

Unfortunately, the task of coming up with the iconic logos we see today of brands which never slip our minds is not as easy as it may seem. This article will however certainly come to your rescue if you are wondering about a few innovative lines to think along when it comes to designing a logo. The following are creative ways you can use to play along with your customers and get yourself more credit for the hard work you put into creating your brand identity.


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  1. Color Responsiveness

A good logo is one which contains the best blend of colors, which go on to show not only the aesthetics of the logo but also how it goes to promote a vital element of the brand. Logos which go well with different colors are also appreciated.

  1. Originality

There is nothing more embarrassing than plagiarism, especially for an organization which is accused of it after it has particularly started to do well in the market. Prefer originality over building up on existing ideas.

  1. Font Customization

When you go for logo design online, you will often see that the recommendations are bland when it comes to the appeal of the font. Play around with it till it stops appearing as basic words simply communicated to the people.

  1. Hidden Contexts

Who said your straightforward wordings have to be straightforward, to begin with? If you can naturally and implicitly manage the inclusion of an extra picture or so (that relates to the brand) then it should be a first design priority.

  1. Combined Splitting

This basically refers to using a couple (or more) pictures together to form one logo which holds both of those interconnected meanings.

  1. Link to The Brand

A massively appealing logo which has no idea what it is representing is perhaps not that appealing after all. Unless a clear connection between the products and its images is made, a logo will not be of much use.

  1. Motion Sense

If your logo design online hands you one which has good overall coordination and seems to be in motion/active, do not immediately discard it because this sense of activity is appreciated in brands.

  1. Size and Allotment

It is natural to have a logo that encompasses multiple elements, but for that, the size has to be moderate enough for it to accommodate all representations without a problem.

  1. Simplicity

Speaking of multiple elements, if a simple logo seems to be attractive enough to the brand you work for then there is no harm in opting for the simple logo instead of designing an overly complicated one.

  1. Legal Ownership

This needs to be obtained for future reference and security, and that too because getting caught for plagiarism at the overall market level can turn out to be majorly problematic for you regardless of what brand you represent, so manage these registrations first.

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