A Look Back At 2017 – Great Logo Designs Of 2017

Every year we begin the year by predicting the upcoming logo design online and other technological trends that would rule the New Year. Well, this is a ritual that we all like to follow greatly. Then of course the time comes when the year is coming to an end and we are all ready to welcome the next New Year. We are currently in that part of the year where we are ready to bid goodbye to 2017 and therefore we decided to look back into all the logo design trends that ruled the tech and logo design online markets this past year.

  1. Color Split Logos

Color psychology ruled the logo design markets this year with color split logos ranking on the top this year. Color split logos were distinctively popular this year and were greatly effective in generating lead sales for the brands as well. So there are no surprises when we see color split logos almost everywhere these days!

  1. Faded Logos


Faded jeans? Well, we saw the same faded trend take over the logo design world in 2017 as well. Faded logos became the new ‘it’ thing in the past recent year. So be it alphabets, letters, symbols or graphics – the faded design trend was very keenly observed throughout the year. This is a very subtle approach to marketing. A faded logo design is not very bright or attention grasping yet it manages to stand out. Hence, mission accomplished!

  1. Simplistic Logo Designs


Simple is the new trendy. Well, not exactly new has simplicity has always been greatly appreciated and admired but the truth is that simplistic logo designs have most particularly become very popular in the most recent times as people are now shifting towards an easier lifestyle and hence, making everything around them easy too!

  1. Hand Drawn Doodle Logos


Keeping it simple, natural and realistic was the motto of 2017. Logo design online also drew inspiration from this trend and this is why a hot trend of 2017 for logos was the doodle or hand-drawn. Logos that looked like a 5-year old had scribbled over a blank paper with colorful pencils! It might sound absurd but it was greatly accepted, appreciated and followed in 2017. You can trust the doodle logo designs to bring a realistic feel to your designs and strike an instant connection with the customers too.

  1. Animated Logo Designs



The one trend that was definitely very new and ruled over our hearts in this past year was the animated logo designs. The animated logo designs saw the logos in motion for instance we saw a building blocks logo that kept shuffling and re-arranging its position. This is definitely a very unique logo concept that emerged in the recent year owing to the popularity of digitalization and online technology. It is also believed to be very effective in grasping the attention of the customers and engage them in activity.

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