Having people to collaborate with you in your life, business, projects, and ideas is a great blessing one cannot put a figure on. Sean Parker did turn things around at Facebook simply because Mark Zuckerberg brought him in. Likewise, whatever task you may be pushing today will surely get a better result and make greater influence if collaborators are involved.

People love to contribute to dreams; however, you just have to tell them how. Success emerges when you inspire others to walk into your business and provide the insight needed to achieve what may appear impossible. Therefore, identifying, attracting and sustaining association with collaborators in your career and business is one of the best quests in life.

Communicate Specific Requests.

If you don’t precisely ask for what you need, no one will ever know how to assist your business. To inspire people, always acknowledge their busy lives and respect their time. When you respect someone’s time, they become more eager to collaborate in the future. Clarify your objectives so they won’t have to think too much about how they can lend a hand. Stay focused with silent reminders that the objective is to discover how to accomplish the task.

Ask Questions to Deepen your Knowledge.

It’s okay to ask for clarification about the task at hand. Demonstrate your appreciation for others’ knowledge and experience by being pushy; then listen to what they share. If you don’t receive accurate information, simply further explore the ideas presented. Thank the person for their help and implement what you believe is the next right step.

Allow Everyone to Freely Contribute Ideas and Opinions.

Recognize that it’s not important what others think of you or your business; it only matters what information they provide to you. Be mindful of any reactions by others, but do not judge them or defend your position. Sometimes, you don’t need others to like you, but merely to provide useful ideas and strategies to propel your business forward.

Follow your Intuition about go-ahead Signals.

Success remains a continual learning process, so always seek discovery, not answers. Find the nuggets of truth during conversations to reach new breakthroughs. Listen and follow your intuition as you take action. This attunement relieves fear and anxiety associated with constant worry about finding the right answer before proceeding.

Remove your Obsession over Worries.

Worries about negative outcomes stress your mind and diminish your capacity to trust your instincts. Unforeseen circumstances occur. You only have control over your actions, not the ultimate results. Allow the outcomes you achieve to enhance your imagination and motivate you to advance into the world of unknown possibilities.

Attracting others to help you accomplish specific tasks equates to learning a new skill: Practice makes perfect. Stay focused on the situation and be alert to the sounds of your intuition to get unexpected results. We need not stand alone as business owners in our pursuit of success. Learning to ask for help and support is vital in our lives and business. We need others to be there for us.

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