Are you starting a consulting business? You will need a great logo that lets the customers know that you know how to run your company effectively. We want you to design an amazing logo for your consulting service as unique as your insights. Below are some business consulting logo design tips;


Use Color Wisely

How would you want your business consulting logo to be perceived? An orange or red color portrays boldness and enthusiasm, while blue and green can promote peace. Think about your personality and the vibe which you want to promote.

Direct your Focus

Even though your SEO or IT skills may be broad, narrowing your focus for the logo design can help broaden your appeal and cast a wide net for new consulting customers. Consider using a symbol that represents an aspect of something you do. For instance, symbols related to, computing, data, graphs or charts.

Include the Business Name

A logo usually becomes synonymous with a company. For instance, Nike is known by its signature swoosh. For consultant businesses, it’s important to include the business name in the logo. That doesn’t mean that a logo can’t have an image or a text. Afterward, once the company gains recognition, the text can then be left out. Twitter recently made this change.

Use your Logo to Illustrate your Business’s Key Benefit. The best business and consulting logos make an instant statement with a picture or an illustration. The Lightning Bolt Printing logo, for instance, may convey the business benefit of a very fast, guaranteed printing services. The lightning bolt image could suggest speed and assurance.

Make it Clean and Functional. Your logo must work well on a business card and also on the side of a truck. A good business and consulting logo should be scalable, easy to reproduce, and distinctive. Icons are better than photographs, which may be illegible if reduced or enlarged. And be sure to create a business and consulting logo that can be reproduced in black and white format so that it can be faxed, photocopied or even used in a black-and-white ad.

Observe the Logos of Other Businesses in your Industry. Are your competitors making use of solid, conservative images, or flashy graphics? Think about how you can distinguish your logo from those of your competition.

Tell your Story

Your business and consulting logo should tell the story of your company. To understand what that story is, a group of employees should work together to answer the following questions. What is your company? What values does your company strive for? Who is your target audience? How did the company start? In ten years’ time, where will the company be? You should provide these answers to the designer who will now use the information to draw detailed inspiration. A designer is just like an interpreter. It’s their job to help a company turn their text-based story into a visual one.

Just in case you need to design your logo; Online free logo helps Entrepreneurs and small companies to self-design their logos using a collection of thousands of logo designs. The designer is very user-friendly and intuitive. Once the logo is designed and high-resolution file of the logo design is downloaded, it is removed from the website making the logo virtually exclusive


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