With a world of vacation options to pick from, customers often need help to narrow their options. Designing a professional logo is the first step in doing that as it distinguishes you from the competition, it brings attention to your services and in some instances, it can hatch a dream vacation and hospitality plan that the customer never even thought of. With so much riding on this first impression, your travel and hospitality logo needs to be instantly accessible to the viewer, telling the viewer what you do and how you do it in the briefest of peeks.

Define your Audience

The first thing you need to do after receiving a creative brief from a customer is to think about the audience. You ought to have a good understanding of the company’s business, customers, products, and competitors. Be sure to know who your target market is and what you want your travel and hospitality logo to convey about your brand.

Understand your Competition

Before you start working up your travel and hospitality logo design concept, make sure you research your target market carefully. You should be able to have some information about your competitors to get you started. Compare all the logos in their competitive set. This study may well disclose some entrenched branding conventions in that market sector, and can sometimes help your process by playing on conversant visual associations.

Get Inspired

Research and learn from others, but then avoid falling in love with somebody else’s design; you could find yourself making a logo that’s too similar. Don’t feel restricted to get inspiration from logo designs only. Explore some other forms of imagery, such as icons, Japanese family crests, or typography.

Avoid Clichés

When it comes to travel and hospitality logo design, it pays to be unique. This logo design, just like any other variant of design, has its share of trends which keeps falling in favor and also out of favor over the time. It makes sense to stay clear of clichés and give your clients that unique logo they expect from you. Travel and hospitality logo design are sometimes like fashion. Try to avoid things that won’t have a long lifespan. Be unique and smart and try not to imitate the current trends.

Should Convey the Brand’s Identity

Basically, make sure your travel and hospitality logo is worth-watching and tells a story. On the first look, your logo should express the brand’s identity. Nothing too loud though, such that since you are creating a logo about travel and hospitality, it shouldn’t shout out “tourism”.

Collaborate with Your Client

Many clients already have ideas about what they are looking for. Be flexible and listen to their ideas, advise them, and offer explanations in a way that takes their feedback into consideration. It’s a balance of listening to what your client wants and landing on a successful design.

Choose your Typeface Carefully

If you are choosing a new font that’s not in the brand guidelines, try not to use gimmicky fonts; they are not going to make your travel and hospitality logo stand out. Instead, use the fonts that match the brand, and remember, don’t make it too stylish because it could get out-of-date quickly.

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