Beauty and Massage Logo Designs


Gone are the days when people didn’t care about their looks but now personality grooming is one of the important parts of overall personality development. Salons provide all kind of services from health care to personality grooming by means of various non-chemical mediums including natural herbs, flowers, vegetable, and plants extracts.

Therefore, the beauty and salon logo designs that are the biggest part of any business nowadays with such a cutthroat competition are likely to possess elements that are associated with both health care and personal grooming. Below are few tips for making a perfect beauty and salon logo;

Design a Unique Logo

A normal logo rises to prominence as a brand’s identity by Jus being uniquely identifiable. One achieves uniqueness by designing a unique logo. Instead of trying too hard, the aim is to think out-of-the-box and bring ordinary beauty objects into the mold of uniqueness.

Use Pretty Images

Make use of images that are attractive to the eye and related to your salon business. Here, you can make use of an image of a delicate flower to create an aura of tranquility or you can use the picture of a woman staring in the mirror to depict beauty and pride. You can similarly use creatures like a butterfly or the legendary nymph with your salon name to create an impression of attractiveness and beauty.

Use Curvy Fonts

The image you want to portray for a salon should be one of imagination and creativity. Curvy fonts are most appropriate for that job. Straight fonts have the tendency of looking formal and professional which can be intimidating for the viewers. Scripted fonts look sophisticated and chic along with the traditional look.

Use Feminine and Soothing Colors

Because you are creating a logo for a salon, it is vital that the colors that you will use will complement femininity. For example, you can use colors like pink, light green, purple, and ivory. For instance, green is a soothing color that represents calmness and spirituality while purple represents passion and royalty. You can also use dark colors like red and black but then make sure that the design is not too overwhelming to be appealing.

Ensure that there is only one Central Focus on your Logo

There is nothing more annoying than a complicated salon logo. The most successful of the logos are those that customers are able to understand in less than 30 seconds. This is why it is important that there should be just one central focus in your salon logo.

Salon Logos Specific Details

This is an essential step towards salon logos as it helps you clearly visualize things from the perspective of your customers. As variations occur in logo design specifics, the salons also differ in their work areas and therefore it is vital for your logo design to clearly summarize the essence of your salon’s specialties.

It should be Simple yet Versatile

A complicated logo is hard to identify and also repeatedly fails in pleasing the audience. Helping you stand out is an obvious factor in having a valuable logo. Having a versatile beauty and salon logo means you can easily use it on different social media platforms, business cards, documents or anything brand related.

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