The logo of your company is the first thing that promotes your brand image. Without an innovative and attractive business logo design, your brand image is in a little trouble. The first impression you are going to create for the audience about the product or service you sell is surely going to be delivered through the logo. Thus, the most important thing which decides the success of your company is the logo design. Below are quick and easy tips to create the perfect logo for your company;

Make Sure It’s Simple

14650051_258334897896335_240278234611008635_n.jpg (640×640)

There are a many ways I can tell you this, but, let’s keep it simple. The point is that a logo is not a testing ground for your typography and illustration skills. It is a test of your design perception and presentation sense. A complicated logo is not only hard to identify but also repeatedly fails in pleasing the audience. A logo is not a manifesto but an emblem. Thus, it needs to be kept simple.

Design a Unique Logo



This is one of those often said but rarely followed tips. How does a general logo rise to prominence as a brand’s identity? Just by being uniquely identifiable. Designing a unique logo is how one achieves uniqueness. Instead of trying too hard, the goal is to think out-of-the-box and bring ordinary objects into the mold of uniqueness.

Make Your Logo Design Appeal to Diverse Audiences

Your audience is a diverse group of individuals

Be it art, design or even writing, adaptability and flexibility go a long way in helping you succeed. In other words, one has to be dynamic and not static. Being rigid in a logo design only leads to no opportunity for improvement or innovation, and when innovation dies, the design dies too. A logo has to be dynamic because a rigid logo means if you hate it, then you hate it! It does not work in design.

Ensure Your Logo Design Is Versatile



Versatility goes a long way in making a logo design popular. If your logo is such that looks great on posters but horrible on coffee mugs, it will never attain popularity. Besides, if your logo is a slave to a color pattern, it cannot be called a good logo also, meaning that a logo should look good even if it is presented in black and white, or even a set of colors which are not part of the original or actual design.

Ensure Your Logo Design Has A Story To Tell

Image result for logo - story to tell

Each logo has a story to tell. If you view a logo as an ordinary representation or pattern, then you cannot unravel the deeper meaning behind such logo. A perfect logo has two stories to tell: the obvious one, and the hidden one. If you are able to convince your clients that the logo which you have designed is not merely a piece of artwork but entails deep philosophy and meticulous ideology, they will love it, even though it is something simple.


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