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When you are working on a logo design project, the principle asset is the font which you use for the logo design. The decision about what font to use is crucial in any logo design. You often need to use something both original and legible, that can have both distinct personality and also work in a variety of circumstances. When making your choice, keep in mind the personality of your client, the practical uses which the logo will be put to, and also the constancy of the design.

Preferably, any logo design font you choose will be unique to your client’s brand, but then at the very least, it has to be licensed properly. However, with so many online free logo fonts out there on the internet at different platforms, it can be a bit hard for a designer to select one font for a logo design online. However, there are some free logo design fonts that the designers should have for the effectiveness of their logo.


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This is one of the popularly used fonts in a variety of logo designs. A professional logo maker is especially fond of this font. Helvetica has been bundled with personal computers since 1984, and this is one of the reasons why it is trendy. A lot of professionals like and dislike this logo design font for the simple reason that the letters in this font are spaced tightly. However, a careful selection of this font is necessary as the font can be used everywhere to deliver the intended message.



This should be used when your logo design requires the font that expresses geometric style. This font is a group of display fonts having classic geometric typefaces which are from the early years of the last century. This font is available in 4 versions; Berlin, Uberlin, Berlina, and Slaberlin.


This font was created by Fabio Haag and Veronika Burian in the year 2006. Foco is a Sans-serif font that showcases personality. It has an excellent readability due to the space between the characters of the font. Foco is one of the best fonts to be used while creating a free logo design, a tagline or even a subtitle.


This is known for its near-perfect circles, triangles, and squares as it is based on geometric shapes. Due to the unique geometric shape, large displays, corporate designs, logo designs, and books have utilized this font frequently. A lot of people consider the font as an ideal one for small text logo design.

Zorus Serif

Zorus serif was created by Jeremie Dupuis, a Canadian designer. The font’s ancient glyphs lend it a distinct Gallic feel. Zoro Serif is suitable when you want to give a feel of print and traditional look to your online logo design. You can access this font in both italic and standard versions.

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