Layer Behind The Notion Of ‘Logo’ Antiquity ….

…Not many of us know that the presence of logos is ancient and has history and conception to it. Being of logos goes back to thousands of years, in a form of symbols, seals, coins, trans-cultural diffusion of logo graphic languages, coats of arms for heraldic triumph; invariably demonstrating expression, individual, a thought, an idea or even a product perhaps….

Reading more into logos, I will take you to the times of past and how connotation of ‘Logos’ came into being and approached us as a form of literacy….

Lineage of Logos: Symbolism, Art and Trade.

  1. Logos are more than symbols, they have been part of culture and art through early centuries BC and through medieval times, taking western form from early 18th century.


The first coins were “nuggets” of electron, a naturally occurring alloy of silver and gold, initially without much design, here a Trite from Ionia, 7th century BC 

2. In ancient Rome and Greece you will find mosaic, a picture or pattern produced by arranging small pieces of stone, tile etc. Mosaic is a form of art or painting used for decorative purpose or adding royalty to the reigns.

WIK_Alexander-attacking-Darius-at-Issus_mosaic-detailAlexander conquering King Darius of Persia at Ixos  (1st Century BC) mosaic copy of a Greek painting from 300 BC- from the house of Faun, Pompeii

3.  Mosaics were also knowledge of action and happenings around. For example: if you saw an elephant, which means someone has been to Africa or if u saw dolphins, it means someone is dealings with fishes.


                                                 Early century mosaic depicting elephant

4. Symbols were also representation of tradesman, depicting the nature of work of the individual also the trademark of an individual. For example, a pot maker will portray his craftsmanship by creating a mark on his makings, a blacksmith will carve his identity on his makings of steel and weaponry.


                                          Fragment of Vase, depicting a horse rider (560-550 BC)

All of these things indicated who the merchant was and that was the beginning of a logo. And since then, logos have increased exponentially with technology, commercial and industrial increase. Logos have gone through different times and eras, from pictorial looking to modern looking now-a-days…being more economical. However, when revolution hit the markets in early 18th century, creating distinctiveness and constructing a brand name became a ‘goal’ of the industries. The idea of a mere symbol representing a revolutionary change did not fit the scenario any more.

So the modernized version of the symbols, in the form ‘LOGO’ started representing the industries and markets, thus endeavoring to take publicizing to the succeeding level. Conversely in last two decades, the modernization of business models and marketing strategies has been beyond imagination!!

A company’s face has had such an impact on the growth of the organization, that it has become a trending policy to create a brand and identity. In other words, LOGO is now being used as one element in a broader system of visual elements used to identify the entire output of a corporation.


Evolution of BMW Logo

And for startups organization’s uniqueness, logo makers can guide and share the idea of ‘what’ the company would want to cater and want its personality to be, building equity and brand. To design a logo with symbolic resonance is to participate in the lineage of social dialogue.

However, Logos have come a long way where they stand today in market. Little do we know, that logo is an extension of who you are and what you do. A successful logo making says nothing, but it holds everything. We see and perceive so many things every day, but it is important to acknowledge the invisible vocabulary of logo!!





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