Startup Logos!! Save Yourselves From The Blunders…

Logo  is a RecognitionFaceAcknowledgement of your business to your associates and your clients.

…So don’t let few mistakes, while creating a logo, hold back or disintegrate your business while it should be making a mark in the industry!!

Read along, to find out what steps you can take, to prevent yourself from the failures, of creating  startup logos:

1. Do not try to create an artist within yourself…

You are an entrepreneur, not an artist by profession. Yourimages (9) job is to run the business with your vision and mission. Leave the job of creating logo for your business for the professional. Hire professional help from known professional or online resources for creating startup logo for your business

2.  You are missing on the creative elements…

The professional help you hired might have their own point of view of designing logo, but there might be times, when you are trying to intervene and give your inputs to the professional help. Stop! And think it through….images (8)

There’s a reason why professional help is hired, because they will cater your business needs, exactly suitable to your industry standards. Their creative ideas while designing will give boost to your company’s branding and sales. They will have right knowledge of where logos could be used and how it should fit with lot of mediums and applications to publicize your logo as a ‘brand’.

3. Relatives giving helping hand with photo shop activities…

Logos edited with photo shop applications will look attractive and trendy, for a while, but on prolonged tenure, it will be inadequate, inconsistent and also look fickle. Your business doesn’t need to follow various trends, as trends might come and go, your logo should be consistent and influence your clients.

4. Importance of Logo file formats…

Are you aware of the file formats, available for your logos besides JPEG and PNG?

To maintain scalability of your logo, other file formats are available, such as: TIFF and PDF or vectored formats such as: EPS. These formats help you maintain high resolution for the logos, makes re-sizing logos easier, without losing its efficiency and also can be implemented to place on anything for publicity and creating awareness.

5. Do not replicate any existing logos…


It might be easier to copy trends and designs of existing brands, but is it permissible or legitimate? No….it’s not!!

Duplicating existing brands has its consequences. Existing brands have patents and copyrights, and you will be under violation of regulations and acts, trying to make look your brand comparable to already existing one.

6. Do not intricate your logo design…images (12)

Your logo design will be imprecise, if the complexity of the design is exploited. Putting everything in one logo  (i.e. logo contains graphics, more colors, different fonts of unalike shapes and sizes) will diminish its efficiency. It will not be scalable to different mediums of publicizing it. Also it will be visually challenged and multifaceted.

 7. Message not conveyed…download (3)

Your startup logo is designed; looking simple, fresh, unique and timeless. Though it is visually acceptable and convincing but does not convey all the fundamentals of desired industry it is going to cater, will it be effective enough then? It’s a question to think about.

Creating logo with all the effectiveness of conveying its industry, moreover complimenting the company it represents is like hitting a jackpot;  difficult, but not impossible!!


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