Let’s Make Creating Logos Online Easier!!

imagesLogo ? Is it a brand ? or just a symbol ?

Confused? Let us get the misconception cleared about ‘Logo’ and ‘Brand’ and their roles in an organization.

  • BRAND is the collective impression of a product, product’s owner and the services provided by that product’s organization or enterprise.
  • LOGO impersonates brand. It is an instant recognition of the brand.
  • BRAND’s impression  is defined by  transparency, authenticity and accountability of organization or enterprise’s  product and its services.
  • LOGO may be an ideogram but it is a brand on its own. Its significance is distinct and leaves a mark, as it proactively identifies the organization or enterprise.

Are you aware, that for any enterprise or organization to be created, it has to be first recognized?

As recognition comes from Logo, creating logo is the first of many steps.

Let us emphasize on how essential embodying logo is, for creating new enterprise or organization. Creating logo is an art. Ideally there can be 2 ways, by which we can create logos:

  • By sketching or creating pictograph.
  • With the help of online resources.

Sketching and creating pictographs is fun and creative, however, creating logo with the help of online resources will expand our ideas and knowledge.

The following pointers will help you creating logos online:

  1. Sticking to the theme!

Creating logo is a creative, yet professional task. Keep in account the nature of your business and the intended audience, which it targets. Logo should be appropriate and fit the theme criteria.

  1. Achieving uniqueness and simplicity!

“One should use common words to say uncommon things”

-Arthur Schopenhauer

As the saying goes, simpler words will get the work done, even if the ideas are complex. Exemplify simplicity, yet uniqueness has to be pertained. Avoid copying, partially or entirely, from any other existing brand.

  1. Making it versatile, yet relevant!

The logo can be skilled, varied, adaptable and resourceful, but adhere to the relevance of the business nature.

  1. Can be talking text!images (2)

Creating textual logo gives direct identification,  to the enterprise or organization. Or creating a symbol with a text of an expression/slogan/trademark phrase/catch word, will add meaning to the logo.

  1. Inclusion of graphics!


Include interesting graphics (artwork, illustrations, pictures or visuals) and designs, but the complexity of the logo should be maintained to minimum. The more simple the logo, more memorable it can be.

  1. Undecided? Catchy with vibrant colors? Or black & white?

Logos can have catchy tint or shades of darker or florescent colors or can be kept really subtle looking by keeping it on black & white theme. It really depends on the nature of the business.

For an instance, a toy store’s logo with bright  colors will be considered appropriate, which on the other side will not be appropriate for a law firm. A law firm’s logo with black & white theme is more subtle.

  1. Modernized, yet timeless!images (7)

Create simple, attractive and memorable logo for the modern world, however making it look professional and fresh for decades to come is challenging, as well as important.


As digital media has taken a step to the next level, taking help from online websites and their resources for creating logos is easier. We can get recognition for our logos, thus making it a brand name!!

Follow the link to create logos online with ease:




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