Top 10 Ideas For Creating Business Cards In 2018


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The business card is practically the first thing about your company that the people see. It is the virtual representation of your brand that people get to see even before they engage with your business. Any online free logo maker or tool will definitely give you the chance of designing your own business cards. Whilst online free logo makers are available to use end enjoy, you don’t just need to jump into designing your business cards. In fact, you should be aware of the basic rules that make any business card effective and worth it.

Golden Ideas To Follow When Designing Business Cards 2018

Looking for inspiration to design your business cards on online free logo and cards makers? Instead of looking for inspiration, look for the ideas and rules that will put you on the right track and help you design engaging & effective business cards 2018.

  1. Work on the tagline before you work on the rest of the card!

The tagline is the short line that stands out and gives a summed up meaning of your brand. Make sure you work on making it as engaging as possible.

  1. Put accurate business information in clear sight

The information that you put up on the card should be accurate. Hence, you need to double check the info you put on the business card and the alignment should be in clear sight too.

  1. Color Psychology will play its role

Colors play the most imperative role in making your card engaging and effective. Employ color psychology to make your cards bright or subtle or whatever you want them to be.

  1. Include social media referrals

Social media is the ‘it’ thing these days. Social media marketing is a crucial part of any brand. You can always include social media referrals to your social websites and pages.

  1. Keep it simple but different

Simplicity never lets you down so don’t ever doubt it too! Keep things simple but make it different by working on uniqueness.

  1. Don’t overcrowd in desperation

The card should have all important information along with graphics, images and font styles but it should never overcrowd or take over too much space.

  1. Spend money on the printing of business cards

There are DIY free online logo and card maker tools available on the web. However, it is ideal to get the cards printed professionally as DIY printing at home can never match the quality of printing business cards professionally.

  1. The first impression should match your business’s theme

When deciding on the overall theme of your business card, you need to make sure that the first impression matches aptly to your business’s theme. A fast food brand’s business card should look like a fast food brand’s card and not a gardener.

  1. Add other details on the backside of card

Most of the times the back side of the business card is left out to be blank. A great creative idea is to make it engaging and interactive. You can add business details such as holidays, sale dates or maybe get a tiny, handy calendar printed on the back.

  1. Always add graphics

When was the last time you heard that pictures speak a thousand words? Well, it is definitely true in this case because the graphics and images that you will add on the card will, in fact, be the first thing the people notice – even before they stop to read the rest of the details. So follow a simple rule when putting up a picture on the business card – make it relevant, appealing and engaging.




How To Create Business Cards Online?

DIY is the new trend alert of 2018 and therefore you would want to try designing and creating your business cards online on your own. We at online free logo offer you the chance to engage with our customized logo making tool that assists you to create unique, high-end and top quality business cards in the least amount of time. So let’s see how it is done and dusted using logo maker online and design tool on our web!

How To Do It?

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Thanks to the card design tool that we have available on the web, the entire process appears to be a piece of cake with minimal time requirement.

Step 1

The first step is to enter the name of the company. You will automatically generate possible logo suggestions and business card templates relevant to the company name/title.

Step 2

With over hundreds of logos, business templates and business card layouts to choose from – you will be asked to make your pick!

Step 3

The next step is customization of the business cards. You will need to customize the outlook, layout, themes, colors and everything else relevant to your company.

Step 4

Finalize your card by previewing the final outlook of the business card. This is basically the last step before you can click on printing option and get hard copy prints of your cards. You will be asked to make the payment and select one of the several payment options.

Highlights Features of Creating Business Cards Online

So what are the highlights of creating business cards online? Why should it be preferred? The options that you get with us when creating business cards online are amazing and countless. We make sure to make the entire experience worthwhile for you. Here are some of the highlight features of creating business cards online on our web.

  • The tool is super easy to use. There are no extensive instructions that you will need to get your head around. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and you are done!
  • You can change all graphics and images that you wish to include in your business cards. The online tools most specifically have over 1 million+ graphics, images and pictures available for users to explore and choose from.
  • You have full liberty to customize the overall outlook of the business cards. This includes changing the backdrop color, textures, themes, images as well as colors for fonts, font styles, and colors of logos, shapes and layouts.
  • It is very quick in its results. The entire process takes no more than 7 minutes to complete.

Quality Is Guaranteed

Many people question the quality of business cards that is generated when you create them online with the assistance of logo maker online tools. However, the good thing about the tool that we have available is that it provides professional quality results without the need of hiring a graphic designer or expert to assist you in the process. You can do it all on your own and be a master of your own art



How To Create Brand/Identity Guidelines?


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The brand identity is hands down the most important asset for your business. It is your brand’s reputation and you do not want that to be messed in any way! Any logo design online company will offer you services to design logos or create business taglines or business cards but the most important of it all is the reputation and identity that the business builds for itself over the years. In this article, we have created a brief guideline for you to follow if you want to ensure that your brand identity is created and sustained in the long run.

Understanding The Concept Of Brand Identity

In order to successfully create a long-lasting and stable identity for your brand – you need to understand the concept of brand identity first. In reality, brand identity is the overall reputation that your brand enjoys amongst the consumers. The brand identity is a larger unit that is composed of many smaller miniature elements including the look, feel, sound and impression of the brand in general.

Guideline To Create Your Brand Identity

So do you want to work on your brand identity to build a reputation that is worth it? Here is a guideline to follow revealed by a top logo design online company.

  1. Run A SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. The SWOT analysis is considered to be the backbone of any successful organization as it reveals many things about a company. In fact, with help of a SWOT analysis, you will be able to explore almost all facets of a business

  1. Research Well

When you are starting a new business or are reinventing your brand identity – the key component that will help you is research. You will research well and only then will you find out about the competitive streaks that are existing in the market for your brand.

  1. Reflection of Brand

There are many logo design online companies that are available to provide you services in logo design, card design, layouts and similar things. You need to be very particular about all these components because they play a pivotal role in building your brands identity and reputation. You hold the power to create a reflection of your brand. Hence, you need to be sure that you explain your brand well and accurately enough. This includes explaining the purpose of your brand, mission, goals, services and core values so that the customers have a clear understanding of what it is and how it runs.

  1. Target Audience

Another very important thing that you need to do is work towards your target audience. You will have to do a lot of extensive research to recognize your target audience and consumers. Only after you have recognized your audiences you will be able to work towards fulfilling their expectations and needs in the long run. The satisfaction level of your audiences is also a big precursor of your brand’s reputation and identity.




Top 10 Ideas To Design Logos

Best Logo Designer in Hyderabad, Telangana

Your brand logo is the first direct interaction that you can expect your customers to have with your products, and you need to make sure your logo does not let you down.

Unfortunately, the task of coming up with the iconic logos we see today of brands which never slip our minds is not as easy as it may seem. This article will however certainly come to your rescue if you are wondering about a few innovative lines to think along when it comes to designing a logo. The following are creative ways you can use to play along with your customers and get yourself more credit for the hard work you put into creating your brand identity.


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  1. Color Responsiveness

A good logo is one which contains the best blend of colors, which go on to show not only the aesthetics of the logo but also how it goes to promote a vital element of the brand. Logos which go well with different colors are also appreciated.

  1. Originality

There is nothing more embarrassing than plagiarism, especially for an organization which is accused of it after it has particularly started to do well in the market. Prefer originality over building up on existing ideas.

  1. Font Customization

When you go for logo design online, you will often see that the recommendations are bland when it comes to the appeal of the font. Play around with it till it stops appearing as basic words simply communicated to the people.

  1. Hidden Contexts

Who said your straightforward wordings have to be straightforward, to begin with? If you can naturally and implicitly manage the inclusion of an extra picture or so (that relates to the brand) then it should be a first design priority.

  1. Combined Splitting

This basically refers to using a couple (or more) pictures together to form one logo which holds both of those interconnected meanings.

  1. Link to The Brand

A massively appealing logo which has no idea what it is representing is perhaps not that appealing after all. Unless a clear connection between the products and its images is made, a logo will not be of much use.

  1. Motion Sense

If your logo design online hands you one which has good overall coordination and seems to be in motion/active, do not immediately discard it because this sense of activity is appreciated in brands.

  1. Size and Allotment

It is natural to have a logo that encompasses multiple elements, but for that, the size has to be moderate enough for it to accommodate all representations without a problem.

  1. Simplicity

Speaking of multiple elements, if a simple logo seems to be attractive enough to the brand you work for then there is no harm in opting for the simple logo instead of designing an overly complicated one.

  1. Legal Ownership

This needs to be obtained for future reference and security, and that too because getting caught for plagiarism at the overall market level can turn out to be majorly problematic for you regardless of what brand you represent, so manage these registrations first.

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How To Design Logo Online For Business

Looking for a logo design online service? You might not be the only one in this capitalist society which wants the best of each market, and you are about to know exactly how to make the best start.

When you use Online FREE Logo service it will immediately become clear that you can rely on it because the designs will not be your simple average ones. Follow this guide to learn how to make the most of this logo design online service, and then get going.

  1. Entering Identity


In order to get a logo that suits your demands, you will need to feed the search bar with the name of your business. Try to give the complete name and no abbreviations so that the detections can be made accordingly.

It is also preferred if you give your company’s tagline along with the name because the motto can not only add value to the richness of the search but can also be accommodated well into the logo without you having to think about it separately afterward.

  1. Industry


Online Free Logo demands that you be particular about your industry so that the logos/images bank it has to search contains the exact searches that match your need. In addition, you can expect a number of arbitrary results if you do not give it the correct or relative industry.

An example would be to go for the fashion industry as the relative one while giving keywords along the lines of medical terms. Try to make it as coherent as possible for the search software so that the results are according to your liking.

  1. Display and Editing


The logo design online service is very fast in getting you a number of searches which will fill your heart with contentment. It might then become an even more difficult decision to decide which logo to settle for.

You can even modify your logo even further by simply placing the cursor/finger on the logo and deciding to edit it using the websites own editing template. This includes a few shape modifications, color edits etc. Once you feel that all these edits have been perfectly accommodated, you are just one step away from the logo being yours.

  1. Purchasing and Downloading

It is imperative that you purchase the logo and not try to obtain it in any other fashion otherwise your smartness can go on to result in your status loss. Purchase it legally so that our original designs are confirmed by the requested authorities so that in the unlikely event the logo brings suspicion, we deal with it in our own professional manner.

Once the purchasing is complete, simply download it on your folder because now you are the owner of a logo that can make the market sweep with buyers. So visit Online Free Logo now with your email address, and purchase it the minute you feel you are ready to get a logo that outshines the others.




5 Tips For Creating Great Logo Designs!

5 Tips For Creating Great Logo Designs!

You must be thinking that designing a logo design is as easy as spelling it out because now people can get logo design online? Well, it’s not. A logo is a reflection of your business, and not just a name being placed in the center of an image.

Since it is the first impression that counts, companies search for the best logo designers. A logo has an immense impact on the way the brand is perceived by the customers and their attitude towards a product. Its significance can be judged from the fact that even toddlers recognize what brand an item is by looking at its trademark.

Let’s make your brand design journey an easy and accruing one by these killer tips.

  1. Be One of a Kind

While crafting your logo, you need to keep in mind that you have to be different and unique. An ingeniously created logo will help you stand out from the pack. Come up with something of your own because in case you imitate someone else, indirectly you will be praising the other brand instead of pointing out your own qualities.

  1. Simplicity

The logo should be attractive as well as simple. Go easy on the eyes. In the hope of going all flashy and impressive, do not make it a complicated one which is difficult even to comprehend. An ornate logo doesn’t set in all the situations and does more harm than helping you out. This is a common mistake for those who are not well-versed in logo design online.

  1. Think Irrespective of Time

Draw up a logo which is timeless. It should be eternally relevant. Logo, like anything else, needs to be revamped, make one that doesn’t require much change and yet goes on every trend and time. If you focus on one trend, as soon as the other one comes, your logo will look outdated. Be flexible in these digital times and come up with one that transcends paper.

  1. An Understanding of What You Are

You need to understand the purpose behind your brand, and what you are. The logo is not only a mirror of you but also an introduction to your brand. Just think of an image or a thing that comes to you when you consider your brand. That thought, that value I what you actually are. Look at all the colors and see how they relate to your brand and that what would they mean to it. Then come to your audience, how your brand stands up to its name and the customers who would want to purchase it. Your logo should resonate with both your customers and what you are actually about.

  1. Handpicking Colors Wisely

Colors are very important – they are the key element. So, it’s important to play with them wisely. Going all bright can go all wrong if your brand is the opposite of it or even seem aggressive. Whereas, using like colors in all their sophistication may seem boring or subduing. Every color is unique and gives a different message, so do not send out a wrong message by falling into the wrong brush stroke.

There you have it. If you keep these in mind when creating a logo design online, we’re sure the final result would be worth looking at!



A Look Back At 2017 – Great Logo Designs Of 2017

Every year we begin the year by predicting the upcoming logo design online and other technological trends that would rule the New Year. Well, this is a ritual that we all like to follow greatly. Then of course the time comes when the year is coming to an end and we are all ready to welcome the next New Year. We are currently in that part of the year where we are ready to bid goodbye to 2017 and therefore we decided to look back into all the logo design trends that ruled the tech and logo design online markets this past year.

  1. Color Split Logos

Color psychology ruled the logo design markets this year with color split logos ranking on the top this year. Color split logos were distinctively popular this year and were greatly effective in generating lead sales for the brands as well. So there are no surprises when we see color split logos almost everywhere these days!

  1. Faded Logos


Faded jeans? Well, we saw the same faded trend take over the logo design world in 2017 as well. Faded logos became the new ‘it’ thing in the past recent year. So be it alphabets, letters, symbols or graphics – the faded design trend was very keenly observed throughout the year. This is a very subtle approach to marketing. A faded logo design is not very bright or attention grasping yet it manages to stand out. Hence, mission accomplished!

  1. Simplistic Logo Designs


Simple is the new trendy. Well, not exactly new has simplicity has always been greatly appreciated and admired but the truth is that simplistic logo designs have most particularly become very popular in the most recent times as people are now shifting towards an easier lifestyle and hence, making everything around them easy too!

  1. Hand Drawn Doodle Logos


Keeping it simple, natural and realistic was the motto of 2017. Logo design online also drew inspiration from this trend and this is why a hot trend of 2017 for logos was the doodle or hand-drawn. Logos that looked like a 5-year old had scribbled over a blank paper with colorful pencils! It might sound absurd but it was greatly accepted, appreciated and followed in 2017. You can trust the doodle logo designs to bring a realistic feel to your designs and strike an instant connection with the customers too.

  1. Animated Logo Designs



The one trend that was definitely very new and ruled over our hearts in this past year was the animated logo designs. The animated logo designs saw the logos in motion for instance we saw a building blocks logo that kept shuffling and re-arranging its position. This is definitely a very unique logo concept that emerged in the recent year owing to the popularity of digitalization and online technology. It is also believed to be very effective in grasping the attention of the customers and engage them in activity.

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Your Company Needs a Logo Generated on Online Free Logo

Construct your own design right now and have never troubles with copyright and other authorized staff. If you’re a beginner in the commercial marketplace and want to make an individual custom logo without trying to cheat another custom logo design from the big net, then this distinct business is what you must have. A free basic logo design instrument that could undoubtedly help you to reach the result you have normally wanted for, but fully free of charge. A free-cost support like this will get rid you of all the issues regarding the custom logo. For those who have developed a breakthrough right now, it truly is outstanding to consult the toughness for this site. In the following paragraphs, you will discover a great many other details about the full number of custom logo design services as well as see if they satisfy every one of your needs.

To begin with, to note about the top quality of these services. The working platform that enables you to generate logo online for free provide the greatest resources that may promise essentially the most qualitative logo for your organization. You may also uncover the several previously built logos with this particular platform. All the consumers have been remarkably content and can supply a total summary of the actual utilised services. An added bonus which makes the internet Free Logo design firm even more particular, these people recommend a step-by-step teaching that will aid anyone of their decision to work with Online Free Logo design platform. If you are still questioning about the genuine custom logo design free program, then it is the correct moment to determine the numerous evaluations at their store, regarding the good quality of the provided services. One last aspect to discuss, the actual website is an extremely user-friendly system that is competent to host any kind of consumers, from children to aged folks.
To sum it up, there isn’t anything easier to understand that your own logo design is personalized plus there is nothing totally ripped off in your company. The free build custom logo design website is popular in the online world and can meet your needs too. If you want a qualitative custom logo fast and also for free, then you can definitely effortlessly try out the Online Free Logo design solutions. Utilize the greatest and fastest logo design makers online. The platform determines and apply all of your demands and will deliver the actual last effect. Don’t be afraid to get one of the biggest custom logo designs ever developed by you personally on the actual smartest program Online For Free Custom logo design.
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Online Free Logo Is About Quality and Speed

Generate your design right now and also have by no means challenges with copyright along with other legal stuff. If you’re a newcomer in the industry marketplace and would like to construct an individual custom logo without trying to cheat another logo from the big net, then this distinct company is exactly what you really need. A free standard custom logo design technique which will definitely assist you to attain the end result you’ve always thought of, however entirely free of charge. A free-cost service like this may get rid you of all the problems concerning logo design. If you have produced finding at the moment, it is remarkable to consult the toughness for this amazing site. In this post, you will discover a great many other info on the complete group of custom logo services as well as find out if they fulfil all of your needs.

First of all, to cover in regards to the quality of these services. The working platform that enables you to definitely compose custom logo online for free provide the finest methods that should guarantee you quite possibly the most qualitative logo for your firm. You can even uncover a lot of earlier developed logos with this particular program. All the consumers have been seriously satisfied and can supply a complete summary of the particularly applied providers. An added benefit that produces the internet Free Custom logo design company a lot more specific, they propose a step-by-step instruction that can help anybody of their choice to work along with Online For Free Custom logo design program. If you’re still questioning about the real custom logo design gratis service, then its the right instant to determine the countless evaluations from their website, about the top quality of the supplied solutions. One last thing to talk about, the actual website is a really user-friendly program which is capable of host any kind of users, from kids to aged individuals.
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7 Logo Design Ideas For 2018




Just as your face and name is your identity – your brand or business has an identity too and the logo is a representation of it. The logo identifies and represents the core branding idea of the business. There is a growing demand for free logo online and there are many tools that are available to meet with the increasing demand as well. It is important to remember that you will very easily be able to locate a free logo online tool generator. The real challenge is to know what kind of logo will be the best representation of your brand. Below are some of the best and latest trending logo design ideas that have ruled the global web world in 2017 and will continue to rule hearts in the coming year of 2018.

  1. Bold and Bright Colors

The first trend that has been ruling the logo designs world for a long time now and will continue with its dominating streak are bold colors for logos. When you design free logo online, you should be sure to include an array of bold, bright and interactive colors. This is the key rule to follow if you want to ensure that your logo is

  • Engaging
  • Attractive
  • Persuasive

There are over hundreds of colors for people to choose from but there are definitely a few hot favorites for the brands and consumers as well. Red, bright yellow, midnight blue, emerald green, turquoise and black remain to be the top attention grabbers of customers.

  1. Double Exposure Graphics

The double exposure graphics are best to gather and deliver a bundle of meaning to the customers. This is not only an attention grabber but is definitely a crowd pleaser effect.

  1. Broken Letter Typography

The one thing that surely remains to be a hot trend for logo designs is broken letter typography. This logo design is all about keeping the traditional designs alive with a very modern twist to the overall outlook.

  1. Metallic Effects

This is a popular trend and is expected to stay on the top because of its state-of-art technological 3D outlook. The one thing that metallic effects on logo designs shout is an infusion of the modern era with latest 3D technology. The overall impact of these effects on the brand is very real as well. The most common color choices for metallic effects is bronze, silver and golden.

  1. Symmetrical Font

The one logo design trend that has never been out of the trend and will never become outdated is the symmetrical font. It promises a very simple and clean-cut outlook.

  1. Low Poly Logo Design

It is furious, persuasive and very unique. Moreover, it is a representation of a very unique trait of your company and that is the attention to detail. It is contemporary art at its very best.

  1. Doodle

Doodle is the new ‘in’ thing. It looks somewhat similar to hand scribbled design and promises a very unique outlook. It also adds a very personalized touch to the logo design.